Products and Services


CoastObs services are based on a combination of different EO-based water quality information products in combination with optical in situ measurements. In addition to standard EO water quality products, a number of innovative products were advanced from research to operational status within the project. Another innovative aspect is the definition and implementation of higher-level products such as aggregated products and indicators that match the users' information needs. 

Different service types are foreseen, including operational monitoring, reporting to fulfil the requirement of directives, spatial suitability analysis and historic analysis. The different products and service types can be flexibly assembled into services to match the users’ information needs. 

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Basic Products
  • Chlorophyll-a
  • Total suspended matter, turbidity
  • Phycocyanin, Coloured dissolved organic matter
  • Sea surface temperature
Innovative Products
  • Seagrass, macro algae
  • Phytoplankton size classes
  • Harmful/indicator algae species
  • Phytoplankton primary production
Higher level products
  • Statistics/aggregation
  • Indicators for water framework directive reporting
  • Harmful algal blooms forecast
  • Shellfish culture potential


Service Types
  • Near real time monitoring and early warning
  • Environmental reporting
  • Historic analysis