CoastObs newsletter #4

      Hello CoastObservers!

With this image from our fieldwork in Venice, we want to greet you back again!

Six more months have passed, and we have been keeping ourselves very busy with two more fieldwork campaigns, meetings with users, the publication of a White Paper, a project meeting and our 2nd review meeting, as well as the release of our new video!

Keep reading to find out in detail about all these.


We hope you enjoy the read!


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CoastObs News

Second part of summer’s fieldwork
In our previous newsletter issue, we told you about our summer fieldwork campaigns carried out in Spain, France and Italy. Well, at the end of the summer we carried out two other campaigns in the Netherlands and France. Click to read about mussel farming in the Netherlands and macrophytes and submerged seagrass beds in Bourgneuf Bay, France.


CoastObs' in local media
After our project meeting in Vigo, we were featured at 12 local media including in the bulletin of the Regulatory Board of Protected Designation of Origin Mussel of Galicia. Enter here to see the full article.


Meetings with users


HZ visits Nantes to discuss shellfish production
Dr. Jasper van Houcke from HZeeland was invited by the Remote Sensing and Benthic Ecology department of the University of Nantes, to give a lecture to the @AquaStudents and @UnivNantes students. You can check his presentation here.


At the beginning of this month, CoastObs held in Budapest, Hungary its bi-annual project and 2nd review meeting, receiving all 8 partner organizations, two reviewers and our project officer! Read about what was discussed and see some photos here.

CoastObs Milestone!

EOMORES and CoastObs projects published a White Paper!

We partnered up with EOMORES to publish the white paper on “Satellite-assisted monitoring of water quality to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive”.

We highlight four recommendations for promoting and supporting the use of satellite-based water quality metrics in Water Framework Directive (WFD) statutory monitoring and reporting. Click here to read the full document.

CoastObs releases new video!

For celebrating that we are turning two-years old and that we are about to start the third and last stage of this project, we released a new video that explains the basic and high-level products and services we can offer to you for water quality monitoring using Copernicus Data!

Don’t miss the great drone and underwater images of our case studies and find out more of what’s about to come!

Extra coastal news

Infographic of this edition

For celebrating Earth Day, we created this infographic for you.

How do satellites beat water pollution and protect our Earth?


Thanks for reading and for being a CoastObserver!
We wish you a great end of the year and holidays ahead.

Until next year!

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