CoastObs final meeting

April 22nd was the day we should have gathered in person and say a more proper and warmer goodbye. However, we sadly had to do it virtually and keep the spirits up with the filters zoom meetings can offer. 


4 years have passed and we have achieved all we wanted, a platform that can offer coastal water monitoring products for the coasts of Europe. 

This hard and exciting work was focused on proving the validation of data with in-situ measurements as you might remember from our success stories. Now that we have those 4 areas covered, we have the capacity of developing products for other regions of the continent. 

If you want to know all the products and services you can ask from us, we invite you to check our products and services portfolio. We think you will find it very relevant if you work in aquaculture, fisheries, dredging companies, national monitoring institutes, or if you are interested in water monitoring in general. 

You can also check our newly released e-training platform to understand more the ABC behind our work in a very engaging and interactive way. 

So the project might be over, but not our work for you!