Despite the project hasn't come to an end, we have already sold a product to one of our end-users! Read to discover more and don't miss our interview video with her. 

By: Laura Zoffoli


The user


An environmental syndicate in charge of the Natura 2000 protected habitat in Bourgneuf Bay, France. A vast intertidal seagrass meadow is part of the Natura 2000 area. The meadow area is a very popular area for clam picking, a refugee for migratory birds, a biodiversity hotspot, and very productive ecosystems. It also protects the shore from coastal erosion and sea-level rise. The user works toward implementing the sustainable management of the seagrass meadow.


The product

A yearly Sentinel2-derived map of seagrass percent cover during the annual maximum of the seagrass meadow seasonal cycle. The whole seagrass meadow (total area > 10 km2) is mapped at a resolution of 10 m. Extensive field validation campaigns yield an accuracy of 15% for the satellite-derived measurement of seagrass cover. The user bought the product in 2020 at the end of the demonstration phase in 2018 and 2019.


Use of CoastObs product

The users will use the CoastObs products to assess the temporal variability in seagrass biomass, in relationship with migratory birds and other environmental factors. The user will also assess the influence of shellfish picking on seagrass spatial distribution, in order to mitigate the human impacts on this valuable ecosystem. Satellite monitoring will help the user to make local tourists, regional managers, and policymakers, as well as recreational and professional shellfish pickers aware of the environmental services provided by the seagrass ecosystem.


Click below to watch our short interview with Julie AyƧaguer, CoastObs' end-user.