CoastObs platform preview!!

Continuously improving the theory and practice of remote sensing based water quality monitoring and management.


CoastObs is focusing on developing products and services that are tailored to the users’ needs, or products that fit within the scope of the EU Water Framework Directive.

These monitoring and forecast products help public authorities in Europe to improve European waters or help shellfish farmers to monitor the (harmful) algae blooms around their farms, or help bathing water owners to manage the water quality in their area. Examples of products are:

  • Suspended matter
  • Seagrass coverage or biomass
  • Chlorofyll-a / phytoplankton concentration
  • Phycocyanin (cyanobacteria pigment)
  • Secchi disk depth
  • Turbidity
  • Harmful algal bloom
  • Primary production
  • Water surface temperature


CoastObs developed algorithms that derive temporal water quality parameters from Sentinel 2 and 3 imagery. These parameters are validated using real-time spectrometer measurements. The products like the maps shown in these article will be obtained through the CoastObs portal.


In this image, it is possible to see the plume from the Loire river in France. If compared the top image with this one, it is possible to see the changes in the suspended matter carried bu the river.