An ambitious €100 billion programme called Horizon Europe is forthcoming, what's coming for the Ocean?


Photo: Mariana Mata-Lara.


After the success of the H2020 programme, the European Commission has decided to continue working in the area of Research and Innovation. This time, five mission areas have been identified, being one of them dedicated to healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

The thematics under this mission will include:

  • Systemic solutions for the prevention, reduction, mitigation and removal of marine pollution including plastics

  • Transition to a circular and blue economy

  • Adaption to and mitigation of pollution and climate change in the ocean

  • Sustainable use and management of ocean resources

  • Development of new materials including biodegradable plastic substitutes, new feed and food

  • Urban, coastal and maritime spatial planning

  • Ocean governance

  • Ocean economics applied to maritime activities


More information

If you are interested in knowing about the other missions then we invite you to check the official website here.

Otherwise, the image below presents the preliminary structure for Horizon Europe:

Image describing the preliminary structure of Horizon Europe. 3 pillars - Excellent science, global challenges and industrial competitiveness and innovative europe.


Mission Boards

This mission area has a mission board tasked with identifying one or more specific missions for implementation under Horizon Europe.  The mission board consists of 15 experts, including the chair, and is supported by a mission secretariat and an assembly.  

The Mission Boards will each produce a draft report proposing concrete targets and timelines by the end of May 2020. The draft reports will be the base for further discussion and engagement with citizens and stakeholders until September. The final recommendations of the Mission Boards will be handed over to the European Commission at the European Research & Innovation Days (22-24 September 2020).


Members of the Mission Board for Healthy Oceans,
Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters

The members of the mission board for healthy oceans are the following: