Higher level products

1. Statistics/aggregation

* FP7 GLaSS project (GA 313256) (images one and two) // FP7 AQUA-USERS project (GA 607325) (last image)


2. Indicators for water framework directive reporting

*  FP7 GLaSS project (GA 313256)


3. Harmful algal blooms forecast

* ECOSSUMER (Marie Curie Project) with data from INTECMAR


4. Shellfish culture potential

Innovatie en rendementsverbetering mosselproductie: project INNOPRO 2017-2019 EFMZV Europese Unie, Europees Fonds voor Maritieme Zaken en Visserij. WMR & HZ University of Applied Sciences. (first image) //    https://www.geologyin.com/2014/05/a-geographic-information-system-gis.html   //  A.C. Smaal, A.G. Brinkman, T. Schellekens, J. Jansen, A. Ag├╝era & M.R. van Stralen (2014) Ontwikke