Are you interested in learning how remote sensing can help monitor aquatic environments?

If you are interested in coastal monitoring and environmental reporting, or if you work in fisheries and aquaculture, if you studied an Earth discipline (hydrology, ecology, meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, geology); if you work in the military, intelligence, if you are a diver, or a researcher, if you work in coastal engineering,then this e-learning is for you!

CoastObs e-learning modules

Along the 5 interactive modules you will learn about ocean colour, remote sensing & coastal uses, the type of useful products for monitoring coastal environments, and how to use our platform to acquire such products and services.

So, buckle up and start this exciting journey by clicking on Module 1!

Module 1

Ocean colour

Module 2

Remote sensing

Module 3

Monitoring coastal environments

Module 4

CoastObs products & services

Module 5

Learn how to use CoastObs platform!