An Easy and Accessible Way to Monitor and Assess Coastal Water Environments

CoastObs uses satellite remote sensing to provide governments, marine scientists, divers and many more with the data they need.

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We provide a range of diverse water quality data that fits into the users’ own data management and information systems.

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We support anyone who wants to learn more about coastal monitoring and analysis.

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Our services can support local and national government make decisions, marine scientists to bring data to their research, the fishery, diving and offshore industry to monitor the coastal area, etc.

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Get familiar with remote sensing and learn what CoastObs can do for you.

Dive into the world of remote sensing and how it can help monitor aquatic environments.

With our five interactive modules you will learn about ocean colour, how to use our platform and everything in between.

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The CoastObs satellite products were useful for managing the seagrass meadow because it allowed us to measure the total biomass and study its temporal change and spatial variability, helping us to further give recommendations to shellfish pickers keep picking shellfish while staying away from the seagrass meadow. Julie Ayçaguer, SMBB

The detection and prediction of HABs is useful for complementing the monitoring program and organizing farming activities.

Consello Regulador do Mexillón de Galicia (Regulatory Council of Mussel from Galicia)

CoastObs growth potential maps allow us to look for new farming areas. 

Joined statement by three Dutch mussel farming companies