CoastObs is an EU H2020 funded project that aims at using satellite remote sensing to monitor coastal water environments and to develop a user-relevant platform that can offer validated products to users including monitoring of seagrass and macroalgae, phytoplankton size classes, primary production, and harmful algae as well as higher level products such as indicators and integration with predictive models.

harmful algal bloom
primary production

To fulfil this mission, we are in dialogue with users from various sectors including dredging companies, aquaculture businesses, national monitoring institutes, among others, in order to create tailored products at highly reduced costs per user that stick to their requirements.

With the synergistic use of Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-2, CoastObs aims at contributing to the sustainability of the Copernicus program and assisting in implementing and further fine-tuning of European Water Quality related directive.




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Work package 1 - Project management
Work package 2 - User requirements and service definition
Work package 3 - Product innovation and validation
Work package 4 - Technical implementation
Work package 5 - Demonstration cases
Work package 6 - Communication and user engagement
Work package 7 - Dissemination and exploitation

Deliverables will be listed here once they become available.